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Ginnetti Petroleum Transporters has been serving New England since 1982. Primarily a Petroleum hauler, Ginnetti Petroleum Transporters also provides straight fuel truck deliveries, pump truck service, heavy transport, tri-axle and trailer dump service, dry bulk and flat bed transportation, bulk water deliveries and trailer rental.

                     Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Fuel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, AV Gas, Marine Grade Fuel.

Other products hauled include:
Concrete Precast Structures.
Dry bulk and virtually all earth products.

     Services proven time deliveries 24 hour, seven days a week.

Ginnetti Petroleum Transporters is equipped with
GPS in all vehicles and is always in constant communication with all  drivers.

We are known for our emergency call in service.

Site out of Fuel? We’ll be right there.

Member of MTAC
Late module Equipment
In house Mechanical Repairs.
Tank Testing.

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