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Ginnetti Petroleum Transporters believes that quality is never an accident, and that it is the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skllful execution.

Highlights of Quality Initiatives

  • Quality Manual

  • Quality Policy
  • Adoption of Best Practices
  • Vehicle & Driver Scheduling
  • Monthly Tanker Delivery Performance
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Customer Survey
  • Employee Survey

Audit Reviews & Reports

Ginnetti Petroleum Transporters has established documented procedure, to ensure that the Integrated Management System activities throughout the company are regularly audited. Audits are scheduled by the Management Representative on the basis of the status and importance of the activity and the results of previous audits. The procedure ensures that in all cases the auditors will be independent of the function or area being audited.

All non-conformities discovered during the audit are recorded separately and an audit report is prepared. The results of audits are communicated to the respective department manager, who is responsible for taking timely and agreed corrective actions.

The procedure requires that the implementation and effectiveness of corrective action be verified by a follow up audit, which is initiated by the Management Representative.

The audit reports are reviewed in the Management Review meetings and this information is evaluated to assess the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and to determine if any improvements in the system are required.

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